With Assertion's OSP compliance solution, you get...

Automated OSP compliance checks in minutes through OSP Voice Protect

Save time and money during compliance checks. OSP Voice Protect is our first-in-the-world automated OSP compliance software, which automatically checks your network regularly and flags any non-compliances for immediate action.


Our first-in-the-market assurance service. If any fine or penalty is imposed on you by DoT, you may hold us liable.

Expert Consulting on
OSP Compliance

Want quick and accurate advice on OSP compliance on demand? Our expert consultants are available on the phone and over email to advise you of any network changes that you may wish to undertake, advising you from a DoT compliance perspective.

Up to date DoT Annual Returns
and Amendment Filings

Be sure that your DoT filings are always up to date. We take the responsibility of ensuring that all your DoT paperwork is fully up-to-date at all times.

Upgrade protection

Stay assured of access to the most up-to-date version of the software. With Upgrade Protection, you are eligible for free upgrades to the latest version of OSP Voice Protect.

Site inspections and Audit support

Know that you are always compliant and ready for inspections. Our OSP experts regularly visit your site and physically inspect records, network topology, network elements and map those details against submissions made to DoT, flagging any changes. And in case of a DoT inspection of a site, our team represents you and addresses all their queries and concerns, ensuring a satisfactory and positive report of the inspection.

Network change assistance

To ensure that the Assurance service remains active, we provide you with access to all OSP Voice Protect reports, while handling the management of OSP Voice Protect ourselves. Whenever you change the configuration of the target system, we reconfigure OSP Voice Protect to take the change into account.

Zero Error Target

The first step to staying compliant is: getting compliant! We work with your team to make sure that OSP Voice Protect shows zero errors in your network.

Zero Error Maintenance

The second step to staying compliant is: having a system in place! We make sure that we are alerted by email and SMS whenever a non-compliance occurs in your network, so that we can collaborate with your team to bring the network back to zero-error state, within proper SLA times.