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Assertion Helps You Stay OSP-compliant


If you are responsible for compliance with the Department of Telecom India Toll regulations of a large Other Service Provider (OSP), you have already faced the challenge of dealing with the grey areas, with the problems of multiple TERM cells, with the continuous challenge of staying compliant.
Assertion solves this problem for you.

Why Assertion for OSP-Compliance?

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Automated OSP Compliance checks in minutes

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Support for Avaya, Cisco, and Siemens PBXes

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Scheduled and on-demand checks

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Assurance Service, de-risking you from regulatory backlash

How Assertion OSP Feature Pack Works?

The Assertion system consists of the following components
  • The Assertion platform, which is the base that provides key capabilities to check systems for compliance. The platform supports a number of feature packs.

  • A feature pack consists of two components – a set of pre-defined controls (called a policy) and a connector to a product (like Avaya CM).

  • Each control is a logical collection of tests designed to verify an aspect of the regulation.
The OSP Feature Pack consists of a connector and a set of controls. Depending on the design of your network, these controls consist of anything from 7000-15,000 tests to be run on each server.

How Assertion OSP Feature Pack tests your
Enterprise Communications systems

  • We work with your admin teams to identify what systems need to be checked (the “target systems”) as well as the network-specific inputs needed by Assertion OSP Feature Pack.

  • After it is installed and the OSP feature pack is configured, Assertion is ready.

  • On demand or based on a schedule, Assertion connects to each server through a read-only login and checks its compliance by testing them against the policies.

  • The results are logged and converted into graphical reports that are easy to track and understand.
From a security perspective, the system requires limited access to the target systems – there is no agent to install, the access is read-only, and the load on the system is minimal. This makes it much safer to work with than a typical manual check – once set up, there is no human access or intervention needed at all.
Reports are customizable, sliced by time, location, error, and many other parameters to suit organization requirements and are also digitally signed, so there is a clear guarantee against tampering.

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The Assertion Assurance Service


The Assertion Assurance service helps you completely get rid of the headache of OSP compliance.
When you sign up for the Assertion Assurance, in addition to getting the Assertion OSP Feature Pack on your network, we also:

  • Provide consulting on solution design and assurance that telephony setup is compliant.

  • Undertake regular (once a quarter) manual verification of the call detail records and PBX logs to ensure that they are in order

  • Liaise with DoT in various circles for annual submission of network diagram, call records, logs and other evidence as requested by the presiding officer of DoT.

  • Take complete ownership of telephony compliance with respect to OSP registration.

  • Undertake liability on the products that the compliance software scans, in case of adverse DOT findings
With Assertion Assurance service, you can rest easy, because it becomes our business to ensure that you are in a state of continuous compliance – with our liability cover, we are putting our money where our mouth is.

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