With Assertion's OSP Voice Protect, you get...

Automated, Comprehensive OSP compliance checks

Save time and money – complete system compliance checks in minutes instead of hours. OSP Voice Protect undertakes thousands of tests on your system, making it the most comprehensive system to check OSP compliance.

Eliminate human error

With automated checking, the biggest bugbear of manual checking – human error - is eliminated. So fewer false alarms, more accurate system compliance status.

Alerts through Email and SMS

Make sure that you are always in the know about your compliance state – when a scan finds an compliance issue, alerts over SMS and email can be sent to appropriate people, so you can fix things faster.

Safe, tamper-proof evidence trail

All reports are kept safe in a tamper-evident database, so any attempts to change the reports is immediately visible. DoT demands proof of on-going compliance – and OSP Voice Protect makes sure you have it!

Agentless and lightweight

OSP Voice Protect connects to your systems through standard APIs, so your PBX systems remain safe and secure.

Full scheduling capability

Run it as often as you need, at the time that suits you best– the built-in scheduler allows you to set up the scans at times of your choosing, so set it up to run when system loads are light.