From Zero to Complete in 5 minutes!

Assertion’s OSP Voice Protect software makes sure that your network’s OSP compliance checks are done within minutes, instead of hours and days. We make sure you systems are checked comprehensively, accurately, and quickly, while making sure you stay de-risked from regulatory backlash through our Assurance Service.


Automated, Comprehensive OSP compliance checks

Safe, tamper-proof evidence trail

Eliminate human error


And much more...

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The whole world is moving to automation – join us there!

OSP Voice Protect makes sure that you are always protected. Where typical manual checks are slow, incomplete, and error-prone, OSP Voice Protect makes sure that you get speedy, comprehensive, and accurate tests of your communications network.

Join the dozens of companies that have already chosen continuous compliance through automation as the way forward and know that you are safe, secure, and ready for the future!

Here's how we can help your business thrive.

Be sure - ensure that your systems are fully compliant with OSP requirements

Ensure complete voice infrastructure compliance, with zero ambiguity in regulation interpretation.

Information at your fingertips - Convenient
single dashboard

View, test, and track the OSP compliance state of multiple systems across geographies and offices, all from a single dashboard.

Maintain control -
prevent configuration drift and maintain evidence trail

Ensure administrative action, vendor migration or other maintenance activities do not drift the infrastructure configuration into non-compliance. Know that you have the evidence trail to prove your compliance.

Rest easy -
always know your state of OSP compliance

Built-in scheduling and alerts via SMS and email make sure that you are always on top of your compliance state, so you can move quickly to fix issues.

The Assertion OSP Compliance solution has made sure that I can focus on other compliance concerns – they are handling all DoT paperwork, and the automation product has made sure we are compliant with all norms. The insurance scheme is perfect – it protects my organization from the risk of non-compliance… a well-thought out solution.

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What’s the magic?


The magic, of course is in the controls!
We’ve picked up the smartest brains in the industry, people with multiple patents in the communications industry, people who know what they are doing, and they’ve gone through all the legal requirements of DoT compliance. The tests they have created are the most comprehensive tests for OSP in the entire industry! A typical manual review of your systems may be a dozen parameters tested, but we do thousands – leaving nothing to chance! OSP Voice Protect comes with a package of thousands of tests, grouped into ‘controls’, that check the configuration of your communications network, by pulling configuration information from your PBX systems and then test it against an approved baseline. Differences are automatically noted and logged into reports and alerts raised. OSP Voice Protect is also very light-weight – it connects to the target systems via standard APIs so implementation is simple, with just read-only access required on the target systems.