With the GDPR Compliance Solution, you get...

GDPR Applicability Service

Is the complexity of the GDPR regulation troubling you? Are you unsure about which business activities are impacted? Relax, and let our experts assess the applicability of the regulation to your particular business and setup.

GDPR Gap Assessment

Do you already have data protection, cybersecurity, firewalls, anti-virus and other systems in place? Are you unsure what more you need to do for GDPR? Engage with our consultants to identify the gaps in your enterprise compliance.

GDPR Plan Implementation & Remediation assistance

Have your organization or third-party consultants already performed a gap analysis, but are struggling with the correct approach to implement the plans? Use our compliance and technology experts to help put in place a framework and approach to so.

Data Protection Process

Have you put a comprehensive process in place to manage data protection across the organization? Piece-meal approach can result in unacceptable risk at the ground level. Engage with our compliance experts to build a fool-proof process to ensure data protection at all levels.

GDPR compliance control authoring service

Controls need to be built in into the processes to ensure the enterprise continues to stay compliant. Use our consulting services to create bulletproof ToD and ToE controls for GDPR in your enterprise.

Continuous compliance through automation

GDPR Epicenter is world’s first GDPR-specific compliance automation software. Use GDPR epicenter to automate your ToD and ToE enterprise control assessment over all the various assets and processes.

Findings Remediation Service

Anytime there are findings in the compliance scans, you can reach out to our experts and get a remediation service to help deal with them.