Compliance Bot -
Bots designed for complete compliance automation


  • Compliance Bot checks all aspects of your business – people, process and technology, to ensure that you are compliant to the regulation in letter and spirit. Using AI, ML and Big data to do deep inspection, Compliance Bot's controls unearth problems that have been hitherto lurking in the shadows.
Voice infrastructure compliance at Standard Chartered bank
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CC compliance at
Sandvik Asia
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Turnkey compliance at a hosted service provider
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What makes Compliance Bots special?

    • Each Compliance Bot automates a complete regulation (or authority document). Every clause is mapped to one or more controls, providing 100% coverage of the regulation. The era of piecemeal automation is over.
    • Choose from the list of readily available bots or request for a new one. We build new bots every week!

Using Compliance Bots –
The ultimate plug-and-play automation

  • Compliance Bots are modular and one or more can be installed on Compliance Studio. Add or remove a compliance at any time, pay only for what you need for however long you need it.

  • Compliance Bots ships with pre-configured controls and policies. Custom policies can be created by using the policy wizard.

  • Link up the controls to your business environment by configuring the application integrations.

  • Configure the notification strategy on failure of the policy, or on a per-control basis.

  • Select the policy to schedule or run it on demand.

  • Once the policy completes execution, reports are prepared and notifications sent.

Behind the curtains

Authoring the controls:

We start with identifying a regulation to automate. Business analysts interpret the regulations along with the help of industry veterans.

Each clause of the regulation is mapped to one or more controls. Each control is cross-referenced to existing controls in our repository that share the same intent.

Remediation strategy on violations, help on how to interpret the violation, criticality of the control and impact statements make up the other parts of the metadata.

The policy book is compiled as a collection of all controls that exhaustively address the regulation.
Coding the controls, reports and policies:

Each control in the policy book is coded & thoroughly tested in our lab.

Inputs that the control can process are documented and default inputs if any are provided.

Various default policies are created using different combinations of controls for typically used business flows.

Reports specific to the regulation are scripted and tested.

Compliance Bots are packaged, encrypted and shipped.