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Insurance for your compliance

Assurance is like insurance for your compliance. When you take up one of our solutions, you can rest assured that if a regulatory inspection has any adverse findings and imposes a penalty, you can hold us liable. We are the only organization in the industry to have an insured automated compliance offer. If you are worried about compliance risk, it is time to stop worrying.

Better risk control

With Assurance, you can be confident that your compliance filings and processes are being followed perfectly and your papers are always in order. Because it’s in our interest to make sure that your systems and processes remain compliant at all times.

Greater Financial Efficiency

The Assurance program reduces your risk exposure, making it unnecessary to set aside money to pay for the financial consequences of non-compliance. Use the freed-up money to grow your business, knowing that your compliance risk is covered by Assurance.

Better business focus

Focus on your business and leave the worrying about compliance with us. With Assurance, you can be confident that it is in our interest to make sure that your organization is always compliant with norms.

Case Study: How Assurance made a Major Enterprise Customer Breathe Easy

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Getting into the Assurance Program – The true mark of safety

Assurance comes in two models: shared insurance and private insurance.

Shared Cover

You are under a common insurance cover created by Assertion. In case of a multiple liabilities, the protection cover is distributed over all participants. Shared cover is suitable for small organizations that need fractional coverage and are exposed to relatively lower compliance risk.  

Private Cover

You are under an exclusive insurance cover created by Assertion, naming you as the sole beneficiary. In case of a liability, the complete benefits of the insurance come solely to your organization. Private cover is suitable for larger organizations that are exposed to greater risks of non-compliance.

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How Assurance Works


Subscribing to a solution

Assurance comes as part of our compliance solutions. So when you subscribe to any solution, you can opt for either shared or private assurance. Based on the option you choose, the pricing will vary.

Assurance activation

Once you have signed up for a solution, we work with your team to make sure that our automation systems show zero errors in your network.

We also make sure that systems and configurations are set up so that whenever a non-compliance occurs in your network, we can collaborate with your team to bring the network back to zero-error state, within proper SLA times.

Zero Error Target is a critical aspect of our solution as Assurance coverage begins only once Zero Error state has been achieved.

Insurance is active from date of certified zero-error state

assurance registration

Once the zero-error state is achieved, we work with the insurance company to add your name to the insurance list.