Automated control assessments for ISO, SOC2, OSP and more

Enhance data security, privacy & trust through automated compliance

Aug 2018:

USPTO grants our patent on "Managing privacy and security during remote troubleshooting of IOT devices"
Our team collectively has over
0 patents
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0 years
of enterprise application experience



Formation & Kickoff
Registered in March 2014. Operations started in Oct 2014 with 3 people in an apartment to build the world's best video conferencing system.

Pivot to Assertion
Oct 2015. Assertion, which was plan B, becomes the company's focus as market interest for it grows.


First customer order
Dec 2015. Standard Chartered bank signs up for a custom compliance deal using our compliance platform

Seed investment
Jan 2017. We receive seed investment from Singapore based strategic investor. Team size: 5 people.


Brand Assertion
Dec 2017. From product to brand identity, Assertion becomes a brand with multiple products and solutions launched within its umbrella.

Birth of the Bot
Aug 2018. World's first Bot architecture to make compliance assessments plug and play launched to the market. Standard Chartered Bank becomes first customer
to deploy it.