State of the business — Mar 2016

State of the business — Mar 2016

All we worked on, all we made better, all we achieved in the last one month

…And also the first week of April


Two years old!

Officially, as per Govt. records, we turned two on March 25. Two years old! And it’s been a helluva ride — of suspense, fear, joy, excitement and all in all, a great fun time filled with learnings. A ride that we all have immensely enjoyed! And there’s lots more to come — a future so bright, we’ll need to wear glares!

Assertion v1.0 released

More than one year of effort has paid off! V1.0 has turned out to be very polished, very well-thought out, and very refined!


One more case study published

Another problem scenario described where we can be really useful — how Assertion can prevent misconfigurations from blowing up the network. You can see the details here.

One article published

In the last one month, we published one more article — Six Steps for Better Password Policies. We continue to take steps to establish ourselves as thought-leaders in the enterprise communications audit space. Read the article here.

One PR News item released

And the news was, of course, the release of Assertion v1.0! See here and here to see details in the media!

Sales and Marketing

First payment from first customer — always a sweet deal!

While, in Jan 2016, the customer signing up for the paid pilot was awesome, it’s always a sweet-sweet moment when the first payment arrives in the bank account. Nothing compares to that feeling!

Connected with 7 leads, of which 6 are multi-billion dollar companies.

Not all are new, of course, but the feedback continues to be positive. And given that this was March, which usually keeps people busy with quarter or annual closure, this kind of connection and interest is encouraging!

Two Demos

Within the above group, we also gave demos to two of them. From our perspective, someone agreeing to a demo is sign of increased engagement — it takes time and effort to be in the demo, ask questions and so on. So again, a demo is a very positive sign!

Partnership discussions

We have identified 4 companies that we would want to partner with, of which we are already engaging with two — a white-label partner and a re-seller. We have reached advanced negotiations with one of them, and prospects of a tie-up are looking very bright indeed.

YouTube channel

SmarterHi has its very own YouTube channel! We have just begun populating it with instructional videos that provide you with an overview of how to use Assertion. We will keep adding more and more content — brief 2-minute videos that explain and even entertain. See them here!


Here are some of the beautiful things we did in the last one month.

Product Launched

Assertion was launched on 4 April, 2016! And even if we say so ourselves, its looking pretty polished indeed! What’s even better is that our customers have been deeply involved in the requirements phase from beginning to end, so they’ve been sold on Assertion even before we closed out Version 1.0!

Wrote around 1000 test cases

The product is nothing without the tests — our whole point is to test pieces of the enterprise telephony system and see if all is OK. So, having almost a thousand tests in our kitty is a pretty awesome achievement! And even better is that, when the test cases are targeted on a machine, they unfold into 10,000+ tests on each target server! How about that when it comes to coverage?!

Report Filters

And once all the tests are done, the data must be turned into reports if you want actionable items. But we think, reports should be as detailed as possible, with as much flexibility as you need! So we’ve added filters! And they are cool, because they allow you to slice and dice the reports to your heart’s content!


To increase the security of Assertion, we have encrypted all the standards. Encrypting standards ensures that your policies are safe and non-tamperable.

Authentication and User permissions in real-time

Of course it needed to get done, but we could’ve pushed it to version 2. But we didn’t — we went the extra mile and ensured that proper authentication and user permissions work exactly as they should in any good enterprise system!


Amey Kulkarni Joined

Amey joined us late in March and we are so pleased to have him with us. Amey used to work in Avaya US and he believed in our vision enough to quit Avaya and move back to Pune to work with us.

Amey has two patents to his name and has been a thought leader on client-side communications software since many years. Amey, welcome! We are so kicked to have you on board!

More updates next month! Signing off for now!

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SmarterHi Launches EC Policy Audit Product ‘Assertion 1.0’


SmarterHi Communications, one of the only Indian startups working in the cutting-edge space of enterprise communications, has announced the launch of its enterprise communications (EC) policy audit product, ‘Assertion 1.0’ on Monday, April 4, 2016. With this, large organizations with extensive telephony and audio communications infrastructure will now finally be able to automate key aspects of their telephony infrastructure audit.

Even today, EC audit is mostly manual and expensive, forcing organizations to employ random checks to ensure policy compliance. This manual process is expensive, error-prone and non-comprehensive.

In a dynamic communications infrastructure landscape, there is no global standard for securing enterprise communications systems. Unlike IT systems (with well-developed industry norms and standards), EC systems remain governed by a company’s internal policies, which might be ad-hoc and out-of-date.

“Ensuring policy enforcement is a big challenge for large organizations, and the gap between what is envisioned and what actually happens on the ground is devastatingly large. Currently, IT policy audit systems do not check enterprise communication systems, except to see them as bits of software.” said Srinivasan Narayanan, CEO and founder of SmarterHi. “Assertion is the only product in the market that X-rays your EC network, understanding every system inside out. Using geographical reports, charts and drill-down reports, it provides a holistic compliance view of the network, something that was never possible before. Using a high level business language to build the checks, Assertion is infinitely customizable, ensuring that your organizational security /policy needs remain constantly mapped to the products and always enforced,” he added.

SmarterHi has already bagged a paid pilot for a global bank based in Singapore and is in talks with several other MNCs.

SmarterHi Launches EC Policy Audit Product ‘Assertion 1.0’ was originally published in Assertion on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.