Take control of your un-managed risks through automated compliance.

Assertion’s suite of compliance products gives you x-ray like visibility into risks hidden in every corner of your business, so you can catch them early and fix them.


Flaunt your compliance status

Enhance your reputation and win more sales. Respond to RFPs faster. Make compliance your competitive advantage. For the first time ever, be confident of your compliance claims.


Be ready for any audit, at all times


Get OSP compliant in minutes, risk free!
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De-risk your enterprise

Get compliant. Stay compliant. Forget compliance

Non-compliance is 8x more expensive in the long run. But, what makes Assertion the best GRC vendor to go with?

Any regulation – Every Clause

Tired of piecemeal automation where only few clauses of a regulation are automated?

  • Meet Compliance BOT – Bots designed for complete compliance automation.
  • Each bot automates 100% of a particular regulation or authority document.
  • Providing auditor-like assessment of your business and challenging the inputs, TrustBots make you audit-ready like never before.
  • Readily available and easy to integrate, Compliance BOT get you to 100% compliance at the blink of an eye.
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Compliance Assurance

Get a Million Dollar assurance cover

  • Reputational damage, Financial penalties and Individual liabilities leave you exposed.
  • First-in-industry Assurance cover allows you to transfer your compliance liability to us.
  • Reduce your exposure to compliance failures. Get the million dollar cover.
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A million checks. One solution.

Cut the audit cycles. Be better prepared to face audits.

Assertion’s compliance products are crafted ground-up with current technologies.
Using AI, Big data and self-learning controls, our solutions keep you light years ahead of competition!

Get compliant. Stay compliant. Forget compliance

Non-compliance is 8x more expensive in the long run.
But, what makes Assertion the best compliance automation vendor to go with?

Why the top banks trust us?

  • touching every line of compliance business
    Touching every line of business
    Analyse structured and unstructured data from active and passive sources. Have all the information at your fingertips. Be audit ready, always.
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    Custom controls
    Every one of your custom controls can be automated, even if they need to talk to systems and data that are proprietary to your business.
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    Expert consultants
    When you need to interpret a regulation, respond to a notice, are on the verge of an M&A, or have any questions on compliance, we stand by to assist you. With over 15 patents, our team knows what it takes to keep you on top of the pack.
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    Bank-grade security
    Bank-grade security through encrypted controls and reports. Encrypted configurations. Tamper proof database. Locked down OS. Fine-grained RBAC & audit trails.