Why enterprise communications compliance sucks.

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Why CIOs love Assertion

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How Assertion
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Assertion Understands Your System


Decide the policies to be checked and identify the systems to be tested. Save as templates for scans.


Schedule a scan or run one now. Each targeted system is scanned within minutes. Get automatically notified when the scan is complete.


View the reports that are automatically created at the end of each scan. Trace a system’s compliance history, or geographically view the compliance of systems across the globe.

Making Compliance a Habit

Assertion makes it easy for you to ensure that your enterprise applications are comply with your organization’s policies, reducing your organizational risk.

Save time and money

No more weeks of time and resources spent on auditing the system, verifying the findings, and resolving them. Finding and fixing compliance issues becomes routine

Be compliant with policies,

With a 5-minute time to scan a server, configure Assertion to run daily, ensuring your systems are continuously compliant.

Start self-certifying

The security team sets the policies, and the operations team can scan the network themselves and ensure that the network is always 100% compliant. And the reports are guaranteed tamper-proof.

Move from ad-hoc to organized,

Do a quick scan to ensure that every device added to the network starts off being compliant and then remains compliant. No more finding misconfigurations in the system through network misbehavior and user complaints; the network is compliant from the get-go!

Reduce compliance effort

Put automated compliance in place and do away with the need to have specially trained manpower to audit your systems. Integrate Assertion into your issue tracking systems, and remedy your findings ASAP.

“What used to take weeks now gets done in minutes. Assertion made it easy for us to reach a new level in compliance maturity”Head of Enterprise Applications for Global Top 30 bank.